Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday September 29th

Today I headed out towards Nevada. I stopped at Malad Gorge for a break and a walk with snuggs. It was pretty neat for a big gash in the ground, I took some pictures and headed down the road.

I went as far as Wells Nevada and set out to find a campsite. Looked at the map and found Angel Lake State Park was not far from Wells, so I gassed up and headed towards Angel Lake campground ( sign on my way out of town said 8 miles ). I soon realized that this 8 mile trek was all uphill and summited at 11,000+ feet, only to find that the campground had closed the weekend before, BUMMER ! Well I came this far, might as well take in some of the scenery. The leaves had really started to turn up here, probably due to the elevation. But all in all it was a nice drive.

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